White label time tracking service for Freelancer websites

ScreenshotMonitor.com offers a white label service that allows freelancer websites to integrate time tracking / screenshot monitoring functionality into their service fast and with minimal investment.

The current technology allows hiring the best talent globally. More and more companies hire remote workers on one of the freelancer websites. If the project is simple and results can be clearly defined – it is often fixed priced. But majority of projects can not be easily estimated and they are done as hourly – the freelancers are paid based on the number of hours they work. In this case the companies are always faced with a question of control. They need to know how many hours a freelancer has spent working on their project and if he was focused on the task – they want to see screenshots of the freelancers’ monitors during work.

The largest freelancer websites such as oDesk, Elance, Freelancer – all have custom-built time tracking applications that do exactly that. While these applications get the job done, they are often limited in functionality, have quirky interfaces and these companies have invested a significant amount of money into the applications that are not exactly the core of their competency.

ScreenshotMonitor.com is the leader in time tracking / screenshot monitoring service. And it now provides its functionality to 3rd parties via private label integration. Any freelancer website can now give their clients the time tracking/screenshot monitoring functionality in the interface that is far superior to anything that large freelancer websites offer in their in-house built applications. The integration is based on our API.


One of the recent private labels was done by ScreenshotMonitor for Outsource.com (currently Remote.com). Outsource wanted a service that could be branded to their site and they needed the project to be completed within a short timeframe so the functionality would be available in time for their launch. In a couple of weeks they had the service better than what took large websites years to create. Below is an image of the desktop application run by a freelancer branded as “Outsource Time Tracker” – it looks just like the ScreenshotMonitor’s application, but branded differently:


The web portion of the service (time.outsource.com) is located on ScreenshotMonitor servers and is smoothly integrated with the main Outsource site. With a single sign-on users logged in on outsource.com are also logged in to time.outsource.com. The design of time.outsource.com closely matches the design of the main site – giving users the impression that  they are on the same site. The image below shows the main home page on time.outsource.com:


There are obviously no references to ScreenshotMonitor anywhere on the site. Both managers and freelancers can see the tracked time and the screenshots as well as run various reports. Below is the manager’s view of the time and screenshots submitted by a freelancer:


The most important time-tracking metrics like the time spent by a freelancer on a specific project are shown to users directly on Outsource.com – there’s an API for it.


Another integration was done recently with PeoplePerHour.com. It was different from Outsource.com integration because  interface (front-end) was implemented by PeoplePerHour and we have just provided the client applications and the backend. This implementation relied on our API.

Plain White Label

Another options is to have a copy of our website and desktop clients branded to your company but running on our servers. See this post for details.


Any freelancer company can benefit from a time tracking application and a white label service from ScreenshotMonitor.com can provide a seamlessly integrated and inexpensive alternative to a custom-built in-house time tracking application.