Plans & Pricing

For how many users do I have to pay?

You will be charged for all team members on your Team page except archived. Account owners are free unless they track their own time. For example you have 6 people on your Team: 5 employees (1 of them archived) and yourself – you will be charged for 4 people assuming you do not track your own time.

The fees are prorated – if you add an employee for a week, then remove or archive them – you’ll pay for that week only, not month. You are free to add or delete employees, archive or restore them any time as you see fit.

How are the monthly payments calculated?

The payments are calculated at the end of the month based on the number of employees that you had on your Team page during that month (disregarding if they were active or not). If an employee record on that page existed only for the part of the month, the monthly charge for this employee will be prorated. Your account is billed monthly at the end of your billing period.
See also For how many users do I have to pay?

What is your refund policy? offers a fully functional 30-days trial of the Professional version for customers to have adequate opportunity to assess the value of the service prior to purchase. After the trial, the credit card is only charged at the end of your billing period – so you have at least 2 months of free use before the first charge. In addition to that to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our product, we also offer 30 days money back from the time of your purchase to get full refund – no questions asked.

Can I pay with PayPal? What are the payment options?

The automated payments are monthly at the end of the billing period by any major credit card.Alternatively you can also use PayPal, wire transfers, checks or Chase QuickPay – once we receive the money, we will add a credit to your account. When you get billed, the money would be taken from your credit, not the credit card.To pay with PayPal, just click button Pay in the email you’ve received or link Pay on My Account page or link Add Credit on My Account page and they select Pay with PayPal option. To pay in any other way – just email us on telling how you want to pay and we’ll respond with instructions.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes, we do offer the following volume discounts:11-20 employees = 10% off21-50 employees = 15% off51-100 employees = 20% off

101+ employees – contact us

The discounts are NOT applied automatically; please contact us to have the discounts applied to your account once the number of your employees is more than 10.

Can I have separate plans for different people on my team?

Sorry, no. Whatever plan you choose will be used for all of the people on your team. As a workaround you can open 2 separate company accounts e.g. one Standard and another Professional and add people to appropriate teams on these accounts.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time – there is no contract. The only amount due will be for the services already received.

Is my Credit Card information secure?

We store your credit card information on our servers for periodic (monthly) charges. We take every possible measure to keep this data secure and exceed PCI DSS standards. In particular:

  • All credit card information transmission and storage are encrypted
  • Our websites are developed and tested to withstand hacking attempts
  • The access to this data is restricted on need-to-know basis
  • The information is permanently deleted on user’s request

Why PayPal payments are not automated?

If you use a regular credit card to pay for Screenshot Monitor services – it is charged automatically every month for the previous period. However we can not automatically deduct money from your PayPal account because the amount you are being charged can change from month to month and PayPal does not allow such charge.
You options for automating the payments are:

  1. Switch from PayPal to Credit Card
  2. Add money to your account (find “Add credit” link on My Account page) before your monthly charge – then the charge will be subtracted from your credit.

Explain clearly the difference between ScreenshotMonitor plans

The difference is best explained on Plans & Pricing page. In short, the free ScreenshotMonitor version is limited 2 employees, 3 screenshots per hour, the screenshot images are kept for 2 weeks. Standard version is 6 screenshots per hour, the screenshot images are kept for 6 months. And Professional is up to 30 screenshots per hour, screenshots are kept for 1 year.