Activity Level in Screenshot Monitor

If a manager enables “Track activity level” in team settings,  the program starts monitoring employees’ mouse and keyboard activity level (in %).  The activity level is represented on the timeline by a small icons in the right top corner of the screenshots like this:grabilla.em9504

And if you move your mouse over the icon – it will show you the activity level in % in a tooltip.  See Demo (click on a employee’s name there to go to timeline) ) to get a feel for it.

How is the activity level measured?

Simple: every ten seconds we check if there was any activity – any mouse movement or any keystroke and then compare active intervals to the total number of intervals.

In other words, when a screenshot is taken, we calculate the activity level in % the following way:

  1. we look at the period from the previous screenshot to the current
  2. we split this period to 10 sec intervals
  3. each of the intervals either had activity (the mouse has moved or the keyboard was pressed at least once) or had no activity
  4. then we compare the intervals with activity to the total number of the intervals in this period – the resulting number if the activity level in %

For example if a screenshot was taken 2 minutes after the previous (2 minutes gives us 12 10 sec intervals) and we had activity in 9 intervals – we divide 9 by 12 = 0.75 – this gives us 75% activity.

It is worth reiterating that the program (of course) does not record particular keystrokes and employees see their activity on the timeline in just the same way as managers.