Employee desktop application settings

Most of the settings – like number of screenshots, Activity tracking, App & URL tracking – are controlled on the web by a manager on the Settings page.  This post describes web settings in details.

Nevertheless, there are other settings – primarily related to user interface – that are controlled by the users in the menu of their desktop applications. Here we will explain what these settings do.

Launch Screenshot Monitor when I start system

The app will be launched when the computer starts. While the application will be loaded, the tracking will not start automatically by default. The default is “Yes”.

Automatically start tracking when I launch Screenshot Monitor

The tracking will start without pressing “Start button” right after the application is launched. This is often combined with “Launch Screenshot Monitor when I start system” setting, when tracking has to be run all the time while the computer is running (for example when using time tracking in an office). The default is “No”.

Display a notification in tray when a screenshot is taken

A small notification will pop up next to the tray, showing that the screenshot was taken and the name of the current task. The default is “Yes”.

This option on the desktop is only available when in web settings manager selects “Notify when screenshot is taken” – only then an employee has an option to show, or not to show the notification.

Minimize button minimizes to the tray

When Minimize button is pressed – the app will be shown on the taskbar (like any other program). If you check this option, the minimize button will collapse the app without showing it on the taskbar,  so only the icon in the tray will indicate it is running. The default is “No”.