Convenient Remote Worker Monitoring Software

Managing employees and freelancers from across the globe can be difficult. You want to ensure that your freelancers are spending their time performing the work that you have asked them to perform.

ScreenshotMonitor app

Additionally, you want to have a system that tracks their hours accurately so that you can have accurate payroll records. Using remote worker monitoring software (like ScreenshotMonitor) is the quickest and most convenient way to get to these goals. This special type of software takes care of several crucial tasks for you so that you do not lose money during employee latency periods. Monitoring software is an easy-to-use innovative solution for employee tracking.

How Employee Remote Monitoring Software Works

Remote worker monitoring software ScreenshotMonitor works by taking screenshots of your freelancers monitors while they are logging their time on their computers. The software can automatically start taking pictures as soon as any one of your employees starts using a computer. It will stop when the employee stops working for the day or becomes inactive for a long period of time. (We talked earlier about Time tracking automation) Your managers will have access to the screen shots online so that they can monitor the progress of projects they are overseeing.

The software also takes time recordings, and it can create a visual timeline so that you can see real time progress of a project. This special software helps to build a trusting relationship between freelancers and employers around the world.

No Risk Trial Period

You can use the remote worker monitoring software ScreenshotMonitor for 30 days with no risk or obligation from you. You will have access to time tracking for unlimited employees. The trial plan is excellent for experiencing the software’s many benefits. The trial plan allows you to take 12 screen shots per hour, and you do not need a credit card to sign up. After your 30-day trial period ends, you can choose between the Professional, Standard or Free packages (compare). All packages offer comprehensive time tracking.

Remote worker monitoring software can help you cut costs and ensure speed and quality on projects without offending your freelancers. Your freelancers will have full knowledge of the monitoring software beforehand, unlike spying software. Monitoring software takes pictures of the work the person is doing rather than the person’s personal activities as a user can pause tracking at any time. Monitoring software is used with full employee consent and understanding. In fact, employees have quite a bit of control over their own screenshots. This software pays for itself with greater efficiency and by paying freelance employees only the time that they were actually actively working on your projects. Start using the program today and experience the convenience of having innovative tracking and monitoring software – sign up to try it for yourself.